daliel's Gallery

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Front of daliel's Bookstore and Gallery in Berkeley, California, 1946

daliel's Gallery (stylized with a lowercase 'd', and sometimes just 'daliel') was a display and performance space in the San Francisco Bay Area in California in the 1940s and 1950s; the building also contained daliel's Bookstore. George Leite opened daliel's at 2466 Telegraph Avenue between Dwight and Haste Streets in Berkeley, as a combination bookstore and art gallery in 1945, naming both after a half-brother in Portugal he had never met, Dalael Leite.[1]

The bookstore was also the home of Circle Magazine[2] and Circle Editions, the publishing ventures Leite established at the same time.

Artists featured in the gallery included painters, sculptors and printmakers, as well as jewellers, musicians, and modern dancers.[3] These included painter Zahara Schatz, jazz musician Dave Brubeck from Concord, sculptor Jean Varda, and jeweler Peter Macchiarini. One show in 1950 was by a group of nuns from Oregon who had been taught in a summer class at their college by Jean Varda.[4] The store closed in 1952 several years after the magazine ceased publication.[5]

Partial list of Artists Exhibited[edit]


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