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GenresElectronic dance music
Years active2003–2007
LabelsBuilding Records
MembersGisele Abramoff
Tibor Yuzo
Tom Hopkins

Dalimas was a Brazilian electronic dance music group. The group was formed in 2003 and was composed of Gisele Abramoff as the vocalist, and Tibor Yuzo and Tom Hopkins as the producers. Everything started when Gisele recorded a new version for Livin' On A Prayer, originally by Bon Jovi, with no strings attached, just for fun. They didn't expect the remix to be so successful in Brazilian dance clubs and playlists. After that, Angel and Dreams (written by Gisele) were recorded and Dalimas became one of the most famous dance groups in Brazil.

On 2004, Gisele performed Livin' On A Prayer and Dreams at the 2004 Planet Pop Festival, a two-day dance music festival in São Paulo, Brazil, in front of more than 7.000 people. In the same night, Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl also performed. On 2005, they were back in the second edition of the Festival, performing in the same night as Jan Wayne, Cuva and Magic Box.

When 2006 arrived, Dalimas had a massive and loyal fanbase, including an official fanclub and a 6.000 members community in Orkut. Gisele performed songs from her debut album "Dreams" on the 2006 Planet Pop Festival, in front of an estimated 10.000 people and on the same night as Belgian dance acts Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl.


The group released their first CD in December 2005, entitled "Dreams". Dalimas already recorded new versions for classics like Livin' On A Prayer, Sweet Child O' Mine, Everlasting Love, I Feel You Tonight and Your Love. They also managed to produce their own songs: Lies, Walking Alone, Dangerous, Shine and Without Love.[1]


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