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Coordinates: 23°36′4.0″N 120°27′20.6″E / 23.601111°N 120.455722°E / 23.601111; 120.455722

Dalin Station

TRA Dalin Station with new building.jpg
LocationDalin, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Owned byTaiwan Railways Administration
Operated byTaiwan Railways Administration
Line(s)     West Coast
Train operatorsTaiwan Railways Administration
Opened15 December 1903
Passengers3,424 daily (2014)[1]
Ticket hall of the Dalin station

Dalin (Chinese: 大林車站; pinyin: Dàlín Chēzhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) West Coast line located in Dalin Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

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