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Dalkhaki is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°20′45″N 67°57′18″E / 36.34583°N 67.95500°E / 36.34583; 67.95500Coordinates: 36°20′45″N 67°57′18″E / 36.34583°N 67.95500°E / 36.34583; 67.95500
Country  Afghanistan
Province Samangan Province
Time zone + 4.30

Dalkhaki is a village in Samangan Province, in northern Afghanistan.[1]It lies 10 miles northwest of Aibak at an elevation of 3015 feet.[2] The Tashkurgan River flows nearby, where it cuts an east-west ridge.[3] It had a reported 120 families in the 1979 census.[2]

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