Dallas Black Hawks

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Dallas Black Hawks
City Dallas, Texas
League Central Hockey League
Founded 1967
Operated 1967-1981
Home arena State Fair Coliseum
Conference Championships 1969, 1972, 1974, 1979

The Dallas Blackhawks were a minor-league professional ice hockey team in Dallas, Texas. They were a member of the Central Hockey League and played home games at State Fair Coliseum.

Origins and Relocation to Dallas[edit]

The Black Hawks team was originally based in St Louis, Missouri where it was known as the Braves from 1963–67.

However, the expansion of the National Hockey League into St Louis resulted in the relocation of the team to Dallas for the 1967–68 season. The Black Hawks remained in Dallas until ceasing operations following the 1981–82 CHL season. During that time, they won 4 Adams Cup championships.

The Black Hawks and the Fort Worth Wings/Texans had a legendary rivalry as they competed in the CHL, complete with bench clearing brawls and fights in the stands, including the legendary 10 cent beer night near-riot in Fort Worth in 1978. The Fort Worth Wings/Texans folded at the same time as Dallas, along with the Oklahoma City Stars, which precipitated the demise of the Central Hockey League two years later.

Post Folding[edit]

After the Black Hawks folded, Dallas would not see another professional hockey club, until the Dallas Freeze was established following the revival of the Central Hockey League for the 1992–93 season. The Freeze, in turn, would be followed by the arrival of the NHL's Minnesota North Stars, which relocated and became the Dallas Stars in 1993. The Black Hawks name and logo would later be revived in 2017, as local youth hockey organization HC Dallas announced that its highest-level teams would compete as Dallas Blackhawks Elite.

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