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Dallas Kinney, born in 1937 in Buckeye, Iowa, is a photojournalist who won the 1970 Pulitzer Prize in photography for his photographs of Florida migrant workers for The Palm Beach Post. As a newspaper journalist, Dallas has also worked for the Washington Evening Journal in Washington, Iowa, The Dubuque Telegraph Herald, in Dubuque, Iowa, The Miami Herald in Miami, Florida and the Philadelphia Inquirer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dallas started his photojournalism career as a student of famous nature photographer Ansel Adams in Carmel, California. Kinney has a passion for and continuing desire to create "Ansel Adams-like" photographs as they exist in current times.

Among his other awards as a photojournalist, Kinney was the recipient of the following awards: Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism, Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, World Press Association/Photojournalism, National Press Photographers Association Regional, Iowa News Photographer of the Year, Florida News Photographer of the Year.

He is most acclaimed for his poignant pictures of Florida migrant workers entitled "Migration to Misery" and the tragic "Martin Luther King Assassination".

Dallas now resides with his wife Martha near the North Georgia mountain town of Dahlonega.

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