Dallas Kruse

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Dallas Kruse
Birth name Dallas Preston Kruse
Also known as Dallas Kruse
Born October 8
Origin Orange County, California, United States
Occupation(s) Producer
Instruments Hammond Organ, Clavinet, Piano, Rhodes, Accordion, Drums
Years active 2000-present
Labels Zion Records
Associated acts Suburban Legends
Justin Grennan
The Ultimate Bearhug
Barrett Johnson
Moderne Man
Ryan Calhoun
Cirque Du Soleil
Brock Baker
Annie Bethancourt
Website www.dallaskruse.com

Dallas Preston Kruse is the producer of Suburban Legends' 2007 Japan-only album Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Tokyo Nights, an extended version of their 2006 EP release; their 2007 album, Infectious, and their 2008 album, Let's Be Friends... and Slay the Dragon Together. Dallas often performs live with the band at local shows as a keyboard player, although he has not been listed in any Suburban Legends material or website as an official member of the band due to his commitments as a producer and on-call musician.

Dallas is also the producer/MD/keyboardist for artist Justin Grennan, Moderne Man, Ryan Calhoun, Barrett Johnson, Ryan Calhoun, Brock Baker, Jameson[disambiguation needed], Skyler Stonestreet, The Ultimate Bearhug, and many more.

Owner of ZionStudios, in Orange County, CA., Dallas is a top call Producer, Keyboardist, Arranger, Composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

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