Dallas Lore Sharp

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Dallas Lore Sharp
Born 1870
Haleyville, New Jersey
Died 1929
Nationality American
Alma mater Brown University (B.A., 1895)
Boston University School of Theology (S.T.B., 1899) [1]
Occupation professor and author
Spouse(s) Grace Hastings
Children Waitstill Sharp

Dallas Lore Sharp (1870–1929) was an American author and university professor, born in the Haleyville section of Commercial Township, in Cumberland County, New Jersey.[2]

He graduated at Brown University in 1895, served as a Methodist Episcopal minister for four years, and graduated at the Boston University School of Theology in 1899. He married Grace Hastings and the couple had four sons, including Waitstill Sharp.

He was assistant librarian (1899–1902), assistant professor of English (1902–09), and thereafter professor at Boston University.

As a writer he became known through his charming magazine articles on native birds and small mammals and for his books.


Roof and meadow (1904) illustration
  • Wildlife Near Home (1901)
  • A Watcher in the Woods (1903)
  • Roof and Meadow (1904)[3]
  • The Lay of the Land (1908)
  • Ways of the Woods (1908)
  • The Spring of the Year (1909)
  • The Fall of the Year (1911)
  • The Face of the Fields (1911)
  • Winter (1912)
  • Summer (1913)
  • The Year Out of Doors (1914)
  • Beyond the Pasture Bars (1914)
  • Where Rolls the Oregon (1914) (revised and reprinted as Eastern Naturalist in the West: Dallas Lore Sharp 1912 by Sand Lake Press)
  • The Whole Year Round (1915)
  • The Hills of Hingham (1916)
  • Patrons of Democracy (1920)
  • The Seer of Slabsides (1921)
  • A January Summer (1922)
  • Highlands and Hollows (1923)
  • The Magical Chance (1923)
  • The Spirit of the Hive (1925)
  • Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (1926)
  • The Better Country (1928)
  • Romances form the Old Testament (1932)
  • Christ and His Time (1933)


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