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Not to be confused with Dhallewali.
ﮈﺍ ﻟﻮﻭﺍ ﻟﯽ
Dalowali is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°31′26.86″N 74°36′19.00″E / 32.5241278°N 74.6052778°E / 32.5241278; 74.6052778Coordinates: 32°31′26.86″N 74°36′19.00″E / 32.5241278°N 74.6052778°E / 32.5241278; 74.6052778
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Founded by Dalah Singh
Named for Establishing Dalowali
 • MNA Khawaja Muhammad Asif s/o Khawaja Muhammad Safdar (PML-N)
 • MNA Chaudry Armaghan Subhani s/o Chaudry Abdul Sattar
 • MPA Rana Muhammad Iqbal Harna s/o Rana Sardar Khan
Elevation 256 m (840 ft)
 • Estimate (2010) 15,000
Time zone UTC+5
Calling code 052

Dalowali (Urdu: ﮈﺍ ﻟﻮﻭﺍ ﻟﯽ) is a village located in Eastern Sialkot on Jammu Road, Punjab, Pakistan, resting at approximately 256 meters above sea level, 7 km from the Indian border village of Sujeet Ghar and neighbouring Sialkot Cantonment. The Indian border accompanying Sialkot is of the state of Jammu and Kashmir; Dalowali is only 30.3 km away from the main Jammu City (winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir).

It is the strategic location of Dalowali on Jammu Road near Sialkot Cantonment and a distance away from the Indian border which has brought an influx of business and population from the neighbouring villages to Dalowali. Today, Dalowali is the center of shopping, trade and commerce of all villages that are east of it and which lack enough population, resources, and infrastructure to run an efficient and sustainable trade for themselves. The village has experienced an exponential population growth since the late 80s, which has caused the real estate market to quadruple in value; according to some estimates, a marla on Jammu Road is worth well over Pak Rs. 300,000. The infrastructure of the village is not in a condition to support such growth levels and many problems have arisen, such as sewerage and availability of clean drinking water. The farmable land that was once abundant is now declining sharply as many are constructing houses and mansions rapidly.

Union Council: Dalowali
Tehsil & District: Sialkot District
Division: Gujranwala Division
National Assembly Constituency: NA-110 SIALKOT-I, NA-111 SIALKOT-II
Punjab Assembly Constituency: PP-121 SIALKOT-I
Dalowali Registered Voters: 8,000
Political Parties ranking by popularity: PML-N, PTI, PPP, PML-Q,
Main Languages: Punjabi & Urdu
Major Occupation of Village Inhabitants: Sports and Surgical Industry laborers, farmers, shopkeepers, dairy and poultry farm workers, tailors, etc.


Climate data for Dalowali, Sialkot, Pakistan
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 18
Average low °C (°F) 5
Average precipitation cm (inches) 4.1
Source: Weatherbase[1]


Dalowali (Daloo Wali)was named after Dalah Singh(Baba Daloo), the first occupant of the village. Dalah Singh by a profession and lineage was a "Jatt Rajpoot" farmer. He reverted to Islam from Sikhism and is the forefather of most of the occupants of today’s Dalowali, referring to themselves as "Deo". In the past, Dalowali’s land was not very fertile due to the shortage of water and the primary source of water was the Palkhu (small seasonal stream; attaining maximum water during the Monsoon season), followed by Karaiz (water extracted using oxen from wells). In the past the crops were limited to wheat, lentils and some vegetables. Today due to electrical and diesel turbines, water is abundant and the land is irrigable for rice, sugar cane and corn as well.

Brief history regarding Palkhu Nala[edit]

The Palkhu Nala that passes through Dalowali has played a strategic role in the development of the Sialkot Cantonment. "After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the British officers were appointed in Sialkot. Sialkot was annexed by the British after the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849. The British laid the foundation of the Sialkot Cantonment in 1849 which was completed in 1852. For establishing the Sialkot Cantonment, the British Commander-in-Chief, Sir Lord Napier, surveyed and selected the area between the seasonal streams, Bher Nala and Palkhu Nala, from the point of view of defence." "The congenial climate and prospects of meeting military requisites, close proximity to the Jammu and Kashmir state, led to the genesis of Sialkot Cantt. The Sialkot Cantonment is primarily flanked by two rivulets called nullas in vernacular i.e. nullah “Palkhu” towards the north and nullah “Bhed” towards the south, both originating from the Indian administered Kashmir." The seasonal stream upon leaving Sialkot at the south continues its journey through the city of Wazirabad and further down south west.

During the 1980s and 90s, Dalowali was a major sub-contractor for sewing soccer balls; but due to the inexpensive manufacturing cost of soccer balls in China, Dalowali’s soccer manufacturing industry has died. In modern day Dalowali, the Village has transformed itself into manufacturing surgical instruments for the bigger firms within Sialkot City. In search for more income for their families, many families within the village have a member working in a foreign country to support the loved ones back home. You can find the inhabitants of Dalowali working in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Germany, England, Canada, and United States of America, just to name a few.


The major entertainment activities mainly available to men are playing sports such cricket, snooker and carom board, pigeon flying, playing cards, and holding political discussions at various Dera's (meeting spots).


The following are the villages that come under the Dalowali Union Council:

  1. Assu Mehta
  2. Chak Braham
  3. Chhanni
  4. Changey
  5. Dalowali
  6. Heer
  7. Kajlayal( Bhalli Village)
  8. Kasseray
  9. Chak Khannay
  10. Kotli
  11. Kot Bagrian
  12. Kundanpur
  13. Kurrer
  14. Malhoper
  15. Mahindar Waal
  16. Patesar
  17. Sahalia
  18. Tahu
  19. Tejar Wade
  20. Tejar Mahal
  21. Thathee
  22. Wains Newan
  23. Wains Ucha
  24. Nauni

Famous Personality[edit]

Zil-e-Subhani Shakeel Bhalli (Chartered Accountant) Ch Sarfraz Ahmed Deo (ex chairman dalowali)

Ch Muhammad Ishaq Vallana (Director of CH.RICE MILLS) (EX.CHAIRMAN), Chaudray Muhammad Latif (District Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League (N)) https://www.facebook.com/chlatif15

Ch. Khalid Kisana Chairman Dr.Ghulam Qadir Foundation Free Medical Laboratory

ch sarfraz ahmed deo (ex chairman dalowali)

Shamas Arif ″Mr. Bhutta" (Youth Star)


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