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OJSC Dalsvyaz
Joint stock
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Vladivostok
Key people
Alekseev Anton Alekseevich, General Director Kolpakov
Anton Your’evich, Deputy General Director
Products Telecommunications services
Internet services
cable television
Revenue ~
Number of employees
Website http://www.dsv.ru/

OJSC Dalsvyaz (Russian: ОАО «Дальсвязь») is a telecommunications service provider active in the Russian Far East. It is part of Svyazinvest Holdings, which is Russia's largest telecommunications holding company, and which owns many large regional telecommunications service providers in Russia.


The company is active in the following federal subjects:

Related organizations[edit]

Dalvyaz owns a significant amount of the stock of the following companies:

  • KamAlascom Joint Venture LLC – Long-distance network between the Kamchatka region and the state of Alaska, USA
  • MagAlascom Joint Venture LLC – Long Distance network between the Magadan region and the state of Alaska, USA
  • CJSC TeleRoss-Vladivostok – Agency services
  • CJSC Transicom, Bogoyavlensky Aleksey Gennadievich – Trunk communication
  • Interdaltelecom LLC – Local telecommunication services in Vladivostok
  • Besprovodniye Informatsionniye Sistemy” (Wireless information technologies) LLC – Cellular network services
  • Integrator.ru CJSC – Investment activities
  • CJSC AKOS – Cellular network services 92,26%
  • Sakhalinugol’ Telecom CJSC – Local telephone service and internet service provider on Sakhalin Island

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