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St Andrew's church, Dalton-le-Dale

Dalton-le-Dale is a small village in County Durham, in England. The parish population taken at the 2011 census was 1,546.[1] It is situated on the old A19 road between Seaham and Murton.[2] Most of the village is located in a wooded valley bottom, stradling a single road which follows the stream that runs through what is left of Cold Hesledon Dene. Where the road rises to meet the original path of the old A19, there is a small but very fine medieval church which is hidden from the old A19 in a dip. In the opposite direction where the village road to Seaham crosses the stream is Dalton Tower.


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Coordinates: 54°49′32″N 1°21′58″W / 54.825634°N 1.366166°W / 54.825634; -1.366166