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Háls í Svarfaðardal, Dalvíkurbyggð.jpg
Skyline of Dalvíkurbyggð
Dalvikurbyggdar COA.svg
Coat of arms of Dalvíkurbyggð
Dalvíkurbyggð is located in Iceland
Coordinates: 65°58′N 18°32′W / 65.967°N 18.533°W / 65.967; -18.533
Region Northeastern Region
Constituency Northeast Constituency
Manager Bjarni Th. Bjarnason
Area 598 km2 (231 sq mi)
Population 1,867
Density 3.12/km2 (8.1/sq mi)
Municipal number 6400
Postal code(s) 620, 621
Website dalvikurbyggd.is

Dalvíkurbyggð is a small municipality in northern Iceland. Dalvíkurbyggð is on Tröllaskagi and west of Eyjafjörður.


The municipality of Dalvíkurbyggð was formed in 1998 by the merger of three districts of outer Eyjafjörður: the town of Dalvík and the rural districts of Svarfaðardalur and Árskógur. The logo of Dalvíkurbyggð shows three mountains, signifying the joining of the three communities.


The main route in Dalvíkurbyggð is the one numbered 82. Dalvík harbor is a regional commercial port for import and fishing. The ferry Sæfari, which sails from Dalvík, serves the island of Grímsey, Iceland's northernmost community, which lies on the Arctic Circle.


The local economy is based upon fisheries and fish processing, in addition to various industrial and food enterprises, services, and increasingly hi tech industry. Dalvík is also a tourist destination for boat trips in whale watching and heli skiing.

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