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Mob of black sheep, Braeside, 1894.JPG
Mob of black sheep, Braeside Homestead, 1894
Dalveen is located in Queensland
Coordinates 28°29′9.6″S 151°58′15.6″E / 28.486000°S 151.971000°E / -28.486000; 151.971000Coordinates: 28°29′9.6″S 151°58′15.6″E / 28.486000°S 151.971000°E / -28.486000; 151.971000
Population 346 (2011 census)[1]
 • Density 0.7502/km2 (1.9431/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 4374
Area 461.2 km2 (178.1 sq mi)[2]
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
LGA(s) Southern Downs Region
Federal Division(s) Maranoa[3]
Localities around Dalveen:
Palgrave The Glen Silverwood
Palgrave Dalveen Cherry Gully
New South Wales

Dalveen is a small rural town in the Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia.[4] At the 2011 census the town recorded a population of 346.[1]


Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, 2015

The name Dalveen derives from locality name given by settler John Flint, who named it after a pass in Lanark, Scotland.[4]

Stanthorpe Road Provisional School opened on 12 August 1878. In 1879 it was renamed North Maryland Provisional School. In 1892 it was renamed Dalveen State School on 18 January 1892.[5][6]

Cherry Gully Post Office opened on 1 January 1880 and was replaced by Dalveen Post Office in 1881.[7]

St Barnabas Anglican Church was built in 1903.[8]

Heritage listings[edit]

Dalveen has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:


Dalveen Public Hall, 2015
Dalveen State School, 2015

St Barnabas Anglican Church holds a service on the 4th Sunday of each month.[8]

The Dalveen public hall and Dalveen State School are both in Pine Crescent.[11]


Railway bridge on the Southern line over Old Stanthorpe Road at Cherry Gully, 2015

The New England Highway passes north-south through Dalveen.[11]

The Southern railway line passes through Dalveen; the hilly terrain necessitated two tunnels known as the Dalveen Tunnel and the Cherry Gully Tunnel and a rail bridge over Old Stanthorpe Road.[11] The line is no longer in active service.

Notable residents[edit]


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