Dalvik Turbo virtual machine

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Dalvik Turbo
Original author(s)Myriad Group
Operating systemLinux
PlatformAndroid and others
TypeVirtual machine
LicenseProprietary commercial software

Dalvik Turbo is a proprietary alternative to Google's implementation of the Dalvik virtual machine that runs on the Android operating system and other platforms[1] developed by French/Swiss firm Myriad Group.[2][3]

The virtual machine runs the Java platform on compatible mobile devices, and it can also run applications which have been converted into a compact Dalvik Executable (.dex) byte code format for lower end devices.

MIPS Technologies/Imagination Technologies entered into a license agreement with Myriad to make their Dalvik Turbo Virtual Machine (VM) available to its licensees as part of its standard distribution of Android for its MIPS architecture.[4]


Myriad claims applications run in Dalvik Turbo "upto three times" faster, while reducing battery drain and giving developers the power they need to create graphically intense games.[5]

Dalvik Turbo has been shown on video to be 2.8 times faster while running a benchmark test.[6]


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