Daly Basin

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Daly Basin
Northern Territory
IBRA 6.1 Daly Basin.png
The interim Australian bioregions,
with the Daly Basin in red
Area 20,922 km2 (8,078.0 sq mi)
Localities around Daly Basin:
Darwin Coastal Darwin Coastal Arnhem Plateau
Victoria Bonaparte Daly Basin Central Arnhem
Ord Victoria Plain Sturt Plateau Gulf Fall and Upland

The Daly Basin, an interim Australian bioregion, is located in the Northern Territory,[1][2] comprising an area of 2,092,229 hectares (5,170,010 acres)[3] of central Arnhem Land in the Top End of the Northern Territory.[4]

The bioregion includes gently undulating plains with scattered low plateau remnants and some rocky hills and gorges along its western edge. The dominant vegetation is Darwin woolybutt and stringybark open forests. Land uses include extensive grazing, intensive horticulture, and tourism. There are also areas of Aboriginal land. The major population centre is Katherine.[4]

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