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Not to be confused with Palestinian hiphop group DAM.

Dam are an English extreme metal band from London, formed in 1997. The band's music, heavily influenced by early-1990s death metal, can be characterised as a fusion of death metal, black metal, and thrash metal, with some hints of progressive rock and heavy metal. The band describe their style as extreme metal.[citation needed]

After releasing three demos, Dam signed with Candlelight Records and released two albums, with guest contributions by musicians from Akercocke, Ted Maul, Guapo, DHG, Indesinence and Gorerotted. They have toured with bands such as Decapitated, Gorerotted, Napalm Death and Testament.[1]


Current members[edit]

  • Nathan Underwood - guitar, vocals
  • Daniel Rumbol - bass
  • Flow Toulman - drums
  • Dan Knight - guitar (live)

Past members[2][edit]

  • Brad Merry - drums
  • Lal Vipulananthan - guitar
  • Jaime Gomez - drums
  • Ben Bialobrzycki - guitar
  • David Saavedra - bass
  • Erik Heinø - bass
  • Jon - bass
  • Ron Werner - drums


  • mymindisyourhell (Demo, 1999)
  • Come to Dust (Demo, 2001)
  • City of Envy (Demo, 2002)
  • Purity (The Darwinian Paradox) (CD, Candlelight, 2005)
  • The Difference Engine (CD, Candlelight, 2007)


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