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A dam is a barrier obstructing flowing water. Dam may also refer to:

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  • Dam (Mother), the counterpart of a sire, particularly in animal breeding. See also Mare.
  • Dam (methylase), DNA adenine methylase
  • Dam (band), a British metal band
  • DAM (band), a Palestinian rap group
  • Dam (coin), a small Indian coin
  • Dental dam
  • DAMS, Driot Arnoux Motorsport, a French-based motor-racing team.
  • WCMG, a radio station licensed to Latta, South Carolina, United States which once called itself "94.3 The Dam"
  • Reservoir created by such a barrier (in some English dialects including Australian English)
  • Dam, a dancer in the Dominican folk dance bélé
  • DAM (chemotherapy) is a chemotherapy regimen consisting of Daunorubicin, Ara-C (cytarabine) and Mercaptopurine.

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