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Damansara is a mukim in Petaling District, Selangor, Malaysia. It is named after the Damansara River (Sungai Damansara) which flows nearby. It is one of the most densely populated areas in Malaysia. In the 2000 Census of Malaysia, it was the second-largest district subdivision in Malaysia, in terms of population, with 453,420 residents. [1]


The Damansara area is home to several townships, but most of the subdivision falls under the administration of Petaling Jaya City Council. As of 2004, it includes the following townships:

  • Damansara Impian (SS 20)
  • Damansara Kim (SS 20)
  • Damansara Utama (SS 21)
  • Damansara Jaya (SS 22)
  • Ara Damansara (previously known as Ladang Pilmoor , or Pilmoor Estate in English) (PJU 1A)
  • Aman Suria Damansara (PJU 1A)
  • Damansara Idaman (PJU 1A)
  • Damansara Lagenda (PJU 1A)
  • Pelangi Damansara (PJU 3)
  • Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (PJU 3)
  • Tropicana Indah (previously known as Damansara Indah) (PJU 3)
  • Sunway Damansara (PJU 5)
  • Kota Damansara (PJU 5)
  • Damansara Emas (PJU 5)
  • Bandar Utama Damansara (BU 1 to BU 12)
  • Mutiara Damansara (PJU 6 & PJU 7)
  • Damansara Perdana (PJU 8)
  • Bukit Lanjan (PJU 8)
  • Flora Damansara (PJU 8)
  • Sri Damansara (PJU 9)
  • ForestHill Damansara (PJU 9)
  • Damansara Damai (PJU 10)
  • Sutera Damansara (PJU 10)
  • Saujana Damansara (PJU 10)

Commercial prospects[edit]

Damansara has been dubbed the "Golden Triangle" of Petaling Jaya. Commercially, it is positioned to do well, boasting a Tesco outlet, the Ikano Power Centre shopping complex, the One Utama shopping complex, the largest Ikea outlet in Southeast Asia, as well as The Curve shopping complex, all of them located within a stone's throw of each other.

Besides that, the Uptown commercial area, which houses the Malaysian branch of several multi-national companies, is located in Damansara Utama.

Political representation[edit]

Due to different delineations for electoral purposes, as of 2004, Damansara is mostly divided over two voting districts in its representation in Parliament. One is the constituency of Subang by Sivarasa Rasiah, a member of the People's Justice Party while the other is under Petaling Jaya Utara by Tony Pua of the Democratic Action Party. Both parties are part of the opposition alliance, Pakatan Rakyat. In the Selangor State Assembly, the communities are represented by Yeo Bee Yin from the Democratic Action Party for the constituency of Damansara Utama, Elizabeth Wong from the People's Justice Party for the constituency of Bukit Lanjan and Halimanton Saadiah Binti Bohan of UMNO for the constituency of Kota Damansara.

Coordinates: 3°03′07″N 101°33′30″E / 3.052008°N 101.558223°E / 3.052008; 101.558223