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Royal and noble ranks in Iran, Turkey, Caucasus, Pakistan and Afghanistan
Turban helmet of a sultan
Shah : Emperor
High King
King : Sultan, Sultana, Padishah
Royal Prince : Shahzada (Şehzade), Mirza
Noble Prince : Sahibzada
Nobleman: Nawab, Baig, Begzada
Royal house : Damat
Governmental : Lala, Agha, Hazinedar

Damat (Turkish: damat, from Persian: داماد (dâmâd)‎‎ "bridegroom") was an official Ottoman title describing men that entered the imperial House of Osman by means of marriage, literally becoming the bridegroom to the Ottoman sultan and the dynasty. In almost all cases, this occurred when a man married an Ottoman princess.

Among others, the following people were damats to the Ottoman dynasty:

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