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Dame Maroie or Maroie de Dregnau de Lille (fl. 13th century) was a trouvère from Arras, in Artois, France. She debates Dame Margot in a jeu parti, or debate song, "Je vous pri, dame Maroie."[1] This song survives in two manuscripts,[2] which each give separate and unrelated melodies.[3] In two manuscripts she is credited with a fragment of a song, "Mout m'abelist quant je voi revenir."[4] Dame Maroie is the addressee in a grand chant by Andrieu Contredit d'Arras.[5] She was identified as the Maroie de Dregnau de Lille[6] from whom a single strophe of a single chanson remains, "Mout m'abelist quant je voi revenir" (in a typical trouvère form, ABABCDE), along with its music.[7]


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