Damhead Creek power station

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Damhead Creek power station

Damhead Creek power station is a 792 MWe gas-fired power station in Kent, England, on the Hoo Peninsula. It is near the site of the decommissioned Kingsnorth power station.


Entergy, an American power firm, commissioned the plant. It was built by Raytheon Engineers and Constructor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who provided the gas turbine equipment. The plant entered service in February 2001. The company trades as Damhead Creek Ltd.

On 2 June 2004, the plant was bought by Scottish Power for £317 million.[1]

On 9 March 2009, Scottish Power announced plans to develop a second 1,000MW gas-fired power station adjacent to the current power station. It was named Damhead Creek 2.


It is a CCGT type power station that uses natural gas. There are two Mitsubishi 701F[2] gas turbines with the exhaust gas from each entering two (Dutch) NEM heat recovery steam generators. The steam from these enters one 216MWe Mitsubishi steam turbine. There are three hydrogen-cooled electrical generators: two on the gas turbines, and one on the steam turbine.

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Coordinates: 51°25′31″N 0°36′00″E / 51.4254°N 0.6001°E / 51.4254; 0.6001