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Damian Collier is a British producer, entrepreneur and business consultant for music, film, TV and stage.[1]

Career and success[edit]

Collier has produced both independently (through Damian Collier Entertainment) and has collaborated with major record labels.

He has experience in film, television, music recording, music publishing, licensing, merchandising, theatre, novels and comics. He also holds the position of managing director of the Jeff Wayne Music Group.[2]

He is also the founder and CEO of Viral Spiral.[3] and which was acquired by Rightster Plc in 2014.

The War of the Worlds – Alive on Stage![edit]

Along with composer Jeff Wayne, Collier produces an arena tour of The War of the Worlds – Alive on Stage!.[4][5][4]

The production stayed true to Wayne's album, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, set in Victorian England.[6]

Universal Pictures[edit]

For the inaugural Tour, Collier brokered a worldwide deal with Universal Pictures to film and distribute the show which took place at London's famous Wembley Arena.[7]


Collier has produced various independent movies, including:

  • Disappearing in America[8]
  • Evilution[9]
  • Downloading Nancy[10]
  • The Car[11]