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Damian Dame was an American R&B duo consisting of Debra Jean "Deah Dame" Hurd (September 20, 1958 – June 27, 1994) and Bruce Edward "Damian" Broadus (September 13, 1966 – June 27, 1996). In 1991, they became the first act signed to LaFace Records. The duo released their self-titled debut on May 14, 1991.

Damian Dame had success on the R & B charts and were set to release a second album before tragedy struck the duo.[1] Hurd was killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia on June 27, 1994. Broadus died of colon cancer on June 27, 1996, exactly two years after Hurd's death.

Broadus' daughter Sky was featured in a 2008 episode of My Super Sweet 16.

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