Damian Le Bas

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Damian Le Bas
Born 30 January 1963
Died 9 December 2017
Nationality British
Occupation British artist

Damian Le Bas (30 January 1963, Sheffield – 9 December 2017, Worthing) was a British artist associated with the Outsider Art (or "Art Brut") label, as well a leading exponent of the "Roma Revolution" in art.

Le Bas attended the Royal College of Art.[1] He exhibited frequently in the UK and Germany, and his works have been shown in Japan, France, Finland, Sweden the United States and elsewhere. He was well-known in Outsider Art circles, and was exhibited as part of a survey-show of Art Brut at Malmö Konsthall in 1991[2].

In later years, the Traveller - Romani - Gypsy experience became a recurrent theme in his work. Le Bas was invited to participate in the 1st Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2007.[3][4] He subsequently became a driving force behind the Perpetual Romani-Gypsy Pavilion in Venice in 2009[5] and the co-initiator of the 4th Roma Pavilion which took place in Berlin in 2013.[6]

Le Bas work has also been shown at major museums such as Moderna Museet[7], and he was also a participant of the Prague Biennale 3[8] among others.


Since 1987 several of Le Bas' pieces are held in the Musgrave-Kinley Collection of works by key Outsider artists, administered by Monika Kinley, until her death in 2014.[9][10] His more recent work is found, among others, in the collections of Perpetuum Mobile.

Personal Life[edit]

Le Bas' was of Irish Traveller heritage[11], and he lived and worked with his wife, the Romany artist Delaine Le Bas,[1] in West Sussex on the south coast of England. He is the father of writer Damian "Danes" Le Bas.


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