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Damian Paletta is an American journalist who covers economic policy for The Washington Post.[1][2] He was previously a White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.


Paletta received a B.A. from Boston College in 1999. He completed a MS in Journalism at the University of Missouri in 2002.


Paletta started at The Wall Street Journal as a reporter covering the fall-out from the 2008 financial crisis.[3] In 2011, Paletta won the Scripps Howard Raymond Clapper Award and the Sigma Delta Chi award for Washington correspondence.[4]

He was named a White House correspondent after the 2016 election.[5] He was reassigned to cover intelligence and national security in 2017.

Paletta joined The Washington Post as a White House economic policy reporter in 2017. Paletta has appeared on WNYC and C-SPAN.[6][7]


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