Damien Dernoncourt

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Damien Dernoncourt
Damien Dernoncourt.JPG
Damien Dernoncourt, Non-Executive Chairman of John Hardy
Born Lille, France
Residence Hong Kong
Nationality French
Occupation Non-Executive Chairman of John Hardy

Damien Dernoncourt, (born in 1971) is the Non-Executive Chairman[1] of John Hardy, a luxury jewelry brand. Originally from Lille, North of France, Dernoncourt has been living in Hong Kong since 1995, with his wife and two children.[2]


Dernoncourt began his career in Hong Kong, where he spent the early years leading a buying office for a major French importer.[3] Following this role, at 25, he utilized his learned expertise to start his own packaging and logistics company in China, which he sold prior to completing his MBA at INSEAD.[4]

Dernoncourt joined the John Hardy Group in 2003. He was promoted to president in 2004 and was given the responsibility of organizing the company’s management team and streamlining operations.[5] Through a management buyout, Dernoncourt, along with John Hardy Head Designer and Creative Director, Guy Bedarida, assumed control of the company in October 2007 with the support of 3i, a private equity group.[6]

During his tenure at John Hardy,[7] Dernoncourt is the driving force behind the company’s evolution into a globally sustainable luxury brand [8] that is focused on minimizing the impact of business on the natural environment and treating employees with care and respect. He oversees an international team of 1500 individuals across the company’s facilities in Bali, Hong Kong, Bangkok and New York City.[9] Dernoncourt has helped to build John Hardy into one of the most successful jewelry brands in the US,[10] while also positioning it for expanded growth in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. On July 31, 2014 Catterton Partners, a leading private equity firm, acquired John Hardy and Dernoncourt has stepped down from his position as CEO to become the Chairman of the Board. He was succeeded by Mr. Robert Hanson.[11]

Dernoncourt takes part in 'Racing the Planet' each year[12] and uses the funds he raises to donate to orphanages in Bali as well as sponsor the building of schools in Nepal.[13]


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