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Damien Hobgood (born July 6, 1979) is a professional surfer from Satellite Beach, Florida. He is known for having once held the highest two-wave grand final score in pro surfing by scoring 19.9 out of 20 (under the current ASP system) at The Quiksilver Pro Fiji in 2004 until Kelly Slater eclipsed it the following year at Teahupo'o in the final with a perfect 20.


Hobgood is the twin brother of C.J. Hobgood who is also a professional surfer. Hobgood is a member of the World Championship Tour (WCT). Among his notable accomplishments was defeating world champion Andy Irons for the Quiksilver Pro Fiji in 2004. He suffered a shoulder injury in 2005 but rebounded by winning The Globe WCT Fiji in 2006.[1] Hobgood is part of the Surfrider Pro Team which is sponsored by the Surfrider Foundation. Damien surfs "goofy-footed" (with his right foot leading) - he surfed like this in the ASP Championships in 2000, and won rookie of the year in the competition.[2] Hobgood has had a long term sponsorship with Globe[3] and was announced as a member of the Fox Racing[4] and Sun Diego Boardshops 2011 surf teams.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Hobgood is married to Charlotte Hobgood and have a daughter Savanna Grace born on July 29, 2006 in San Diego, California.


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