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Damien Megherbi
Known forWicked Girl
Nefta Football Club

Damien Megherbi is a French producer, best known for producing Yves Piat's short film Nefta Football Club which received critical acclaim and was nominated for the 2020 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film[1] and 2020 César Award for Best Short Film.[2]

Life and career[edit]

In 2013 he co-founded the production and distribution company Les Valseurs with Justin Pechberty. He received the Best Animated Short Film Award at Ottawa International Animation Festival two years in a row (for producing Wicked Girl in 2017 and Guaxuma in 2018).[3]

In March 2019, his short film production Guaxuma received the Best Animated Film Award at SXSW.[4] In May 2019, his live action short production She Runs received the "Leitz Cine Discovery Prize for Short Film" at Cannes' International Critics' Week.[5]

In September 2019, France Télévisions awarded him together with Justin Pechberty the "Jeune Producteur" €30,000-price.[6] In January 2020, he received an Oscar nomination for the short film Nefta Football Club by Yves Piat.[7] The same month, Nefta Football Club was nominated for a César Award for Best Short Film.


Live Action[edit]



  • Après Ta Révolte, Ton Vote[8] (2019) by Kiswendsida Parfait Kaboré – producer


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