Damious McDreary: A Boy and His Bat

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Damious McDreary: A Boy And His Bat
Author Billy Martin
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's literature
Published Unpublished (Gentle Giant Ltd.)

Damious McDreary: A Boy And His Bat is the first book to be written by American guitarist Billy Martin, from the band Good Charlotte. The book is a children's book about a boy and his pet bat. The bat gets let out of his cage and Damious goes on a journey trying to find his pet.

Martin, known for being a talented illustrator and painter, designed and created the album art for Good Charlotte's third album, The Chronicles of Life and Death. He said that illustrating and writing a book has been something he has wanted to do for a long time and hopes to publish more than just one book. The publishing company, Gentle Giant Ltd., will make toys of the characters from the book as well as print the book.[1]

Billy Martin hoped to have the book released in October, 2007, though on October 29, 2007, Martin wrote a note on his DeviantArt page commenting on the release date of the book:

"You can probably guess by now that my book isn't coming out in October. It's been finished for months now, it's just taking longer than expected to finalize everything. Choosing paper type, fonts, test printing for color corrections, all kinds of stuff I never knew went into publishing a book. I don't know the exact release date at this point, but I will give plenty of notice about its release as soon as I know."[2]


On July 29 2007, Billy Martin attended the San Diego Comic Con Convention to promote the book in which illustrations and action figures of the characters were displayed while Martin signed autographs. Posters and flyers were given out as well.


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