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Damita Jo DeBlanc (August 5, 1930 – December 25, 1998),[1] known professionally as Damita Jo, was an American actress, comedian, and lounge music performer.


DeBlanc was born in Austin, Texas.[2] She was the featured vocalist on albums by Steve Gibson and the Red Caps during the 1950s.[3] She later married Gibson, but they parted ways professionally and personally in 1959.

Credited as Damita Jo, DeBlanc had some chart success in the early 1960s with two answer songs: 1960's "I'll Save the Last Dance for You" (an answer to "Save the Last Dance for Me") and 1961's "I'll Be There" (an answer to "Stand by Me"). Both songs were originally sung by Ben E. King (the former with the Drifters) and made the R&B top 20, and "I'll Be There" also reached number 12 on the pop chart. In 1962 she recorded "Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in her Stocking)", previously made famous by the Andrews Sisters and Bill Haley, for Mercury Records. In 1966 she had a minor hit with a cover of the Jacques Brel song "If You Go Away." She was successful in Sweden, where "I'll Save the Last Dance for You" peaked at number 2 (March 1961), "Do What You Want" at number 5 (July 1961) and "Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in her Stocking" at number 3 (January 1962).

She worked with Ray Charles, Count Basie, and Lionel Hampton. In 1963, she released a recording for Mercury with Billy Eckstine and the Bobby Tucker Orchestra. She was involved in comedy and toured with Redd Foxx.

In 1998, she suffered a respiratory illness and died on Christmas Day[2] in Baltimore, Maryland.



Year Title Label
1961 The Big Fifteen ABC-Paramount 378 (M) / S-378 (S)
1961 I'll Save the Last Dance for You Mercury 20642 (M) / 60642 (S)
1962 Damita Jo at the Diplomat Mercury 20703 (M) / 60703 (S)
1962 Sing a Country Song Mercury 20734 (M) / 60734 (S)
1965 This Is Damita Jo Epic LN 24131 (M) / BN 26131 (S)
1965 Go Go with Damita Jo RCA Camden CAL-900 (M) / CAS-900 (S)
1965 Damita Jo Sings Vee-Jay LP-1137(M) / LPS-1137 (S)
1966 Midnight Session Epic LN 24202(M) / BN 26202 (S)
1967 If You Go Away Epic LN 24244(M) / BN 26244 (S)
1968 Miss Damita Jo Ranwood 8037


Year "A" Side "B" Side US
CB Pop
1952 "I'd Do It Again" "I Don't Care" -- -- -- RCA Victor – 47-5022
1953 "Missing (One Heart)" "The Widow Walk" -- -- -- RCA Victor 47-5253
1960 "I'll Save The Last Dance For You" "Forgive" 22 17 16 Mercury 71690
1961 "Keep Your Hands Off Of Him" "Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name" 75 74 -- Mercury 71760
"Do What You Want" "Sweet Georgia Brown" -- 114 -- Mercury 71793
"I'll Be There" "Love Laid Its Hands On Me" 12 30 15 Mercury 71840
"Dance With a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stocking)" "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" 105 123 -- Mercury 71871
1962 "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" (Part 1) (Part 2) -- -- -- Mercury 71944
"Tennessee Waltz" "The Window Up Above" -- 128 -- Mercury 72019
1963 "Stop Foolin'" (with Brook Benton) 108 87 -- Mercury 72207
"Baby, You've Got It Made" (with Brook Benton) 111 133 --
1965 "Silver Dollar" -- 104 -- Epic 9766
"Tomorrow Night" -- 88 --
1966 "If You Go Away" "When The Fog Rolls in To San Francisco" 62 77 -- Epic 10061



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