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Dar Al-Hadeeth in Dammaj
Dar Al-Hadeeth in Dammaj
Dammaj is located in Yemen
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 16°53′28.86″N 43°47′55.53″E / 16.8913500°N 43.7987583°E / 16.8913500; 43.7987583Coordinates: 16°53′28.86″N 43°47′55.53″E / 16.8913500°N 43.7987583°E / 16.8913500; 43.7987583
Country  Yemen
Administrative division Sa'dah Governorate
 • Type Local
Population (2007)
 • Total 15,626
Time zone GMT+3
Climate BWh

Dammaj (Arabic: دماج‎) is a small town in the Sa'dah Governorate of north-western Yemen, southeast by road from Sa'dah in a valley of the same name.

Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wadi'i established the Madrasah Dar al-Hadith in Dammaj in 1979,[1] an important center of learning for Salafi Sunnis.[2][3] Terrorism and extreme views about Islam were both strictly forbidden in the Dar-al-hadith and has been criticized and warned against by the Madrasah leaders.[citation needed] In 2014 the non-local Sunnis, including all of the students there, were evicted.[4]

The town was at the epicenter of the Siege of Dammaj, and in November 2013, further sectarian violence between militants of the Houthi-led Shia movement and Sunni Salafists erupted in the town, creating many casualties; some 50 had been killed by the start of the second week.[5][6] In one incident in late November a mine exploded as a military vehicle was passing by, killing two Yemeni soldiers.[7]


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