Damnak Chang'aeur District

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Damnak Chang'aeur
Phnom Voar road.jpg
Country  Cambodia
Province Kep
Communes 3
Villages 11
Population (1998)[1]
 • Total 18,341
Time zone +7

Damnak Chang'aeur (Khmer: ស្រុកដំណាក់ចង្អើរ) is a district (Khan) in Kep Province, Cambodia. It is the largest district in the province and a train track from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville runs through here. The district is subdivided into three sections (Sangkat) and 11 groups (Krom).[2]


In June 1994, Phnom Voar in Damnak Chang'aeur hit the international headlines as the site of the kidnapping of three westerners, Australian David Wilson, 29, Briton Mark Slater, 28, and Frenchman Jean-Michel Braquet, 27 from a train by Khmer Rouge forces led by Commander Chouk Rin.[3]


  • 230101 អង្កោល Angkaol Section: It is at the west, bordering Kampot at its west, the sea at its south and Kep District at its east.
    • 23010101 អំពេង Ampeng Group
    • 23010102 ទួលស្រង Tuol Srangam Group
    • 23010103 កោះសោម Kaoh Saom Group
    • 23010104 អង្កោល Angkaol Group
  • 230102 អូរក្រសារ Ou Krasar Section
    • 23010201 អូរក្រសារ Ou Krasar Group
    • 23010202 ដំណាក់ចំបក់ Damnak Chambak Group
  • 230103 ពងទឹក Pong Tuek Section
    • 23010301 អូរដូង Ou Doung Group
    • 23010302 ព្រៃតាកុយ Prey Ta Koy Group
    • 23010303 ភ្នំលាវ Phum Leav Group
    • 23010304 រនេស Rones Group
    • 23010305 ចំការបី Chamkar Bei Group


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