Damodar Union, Phultala

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Damodar Union (দামোদর ইউনিয়ন) is an administrative division of Phultala Upazila.

Damoder is very much valuable in Khulna division specially for politics, mills and factories. During the liberation war of 1971 it was a safe zone protected by local freedom fighters.

The Military Collegiate School (MCSK), Damoder M.M. Secondary School (DMSS), BPGD Union High School, Phultala MM College, Phultala Women's College, Phultala Govt. Girls School are famous educational institutions here.

The river Bhairabh crosses through this area. There are 4 hospitals (2 govt, 2 non govt.), 23 primary schools (16 govt, 7 non govt.)

Coordinates: 22°58′23″N 89°28′30″E / 22.973°N 89.475°E / 22.973; 89.475