Damon Matthews

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Damon Matthews
Damon Matthews
Art by Jesús Saiz.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Manhunter #1 (Vol. 4)
Created by Marc Andreyko
Jesús Saiz
In-story information
Full name Damon Matthews
Supporting character of Obsidian

Damon Matthews is a fictional supporting character featured in the DC Comics series, Manhunter (vol. 4). The character is a federal prosecutor who serves as co-counsel to Kate Spencer, who is secretly the book's costumed hero.

Matthews is depicted as a well-adjusted gay man, who is in a relationship with Todd Rice, better known as the superhero Obsidian. The relationship between Damon and Todd is introduced in Manhunter #18.

They meet at a Charity Auction, where Damon spills a drink over Todd.[1]

Matthews is initially unaware of Rice's superhero status, or that he is the son of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott; he discovers this when he encounters a projected hologram of Scott in Todd's home, whom Todd calls "Dad." He remains optimistic about his boyfriend's career.

Manhunter #38 was not only the last issue of the series (vol. 4), but it was also Damon’s last issue. #38 takes place in the future, where both Damon and Todd are still together and seen at Kate’s son college graduation party.[2]

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