Damon Middleware

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Initial release 2011
Development status beta
Written in Java
Type distributed AOP
License LGPL License
Website damon.sf.net

Damon (Distributed Aspect Middleware on top of a p2p Overlay Network) is a fully distributed AOP middleware built on top of a structured P2P network (distributed hash table) and dynamic AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) substrates. Its main aim is to provide the necessary abstractions and services to develop distributed aspects in large-scale scenarios.


This middleware comprises two main layers:

  • A distributed composition model : that envisages separation of distributed aspects, providing features from component models, like distribution capabilities and connection models, and from computational reflection, like introspection and meta-programming. This model provides an Architecture Description Language (ADL), and thus allows low dependency and high cohesion among distributed aspects.
  • A scalable deployment platform : where distributed aspects are disseminated, deployed, and activated in individual or in a group of hosts.


Damon prototype is a free and open source software released under the terms of the LGPL License and written in Java.

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