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Damon Way

Damon Way (born September 23, 1971) is an American designer, brand marketer, and entrepreneur. He co-founded DC Shoes[1][2] in 1994. In 2008 he took up the position of Chief Brand Officer for Incase Designs.[3] Damon most recently launched skateboarding apparel brand, FACT.[4]

Early life[edit]

Damon Way was born in Portland, Oregon in 1971. He was brought up by his mother alongside younger brother, and professional skateboarder, Danny Way, in San Diego California.


In 1991, he started Eightball clothing with friend Ken Block and Danny Way.[2] They would go on to create a number of brands throughout the early 1990s: Droors Clothing, Dub Brand Outerwear, Blunt Snowboard Magazine, and DC Shoes.[5] In 2004 DC Shoes was sold to Quiksilver.[6] In 2008 Damon left DCShoes to become the Chief Brand Officer and partner at Incase Designs. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Ello, a social network committed to creative communities.[7] Damon launched FACT in June, 2016 as a new brand idea deriving from familiar elements of music and skateboarding he experienced through the '80s and '90s.[8]


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