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The museum's DRG Class 64 locomotive, no. 64 491, May 2006

The Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz e. V. (Franconian Switzerland Steam Railway Co. Ltd.) or DFS is a German museum railway based in Ebermannstadt in Franconian Switzerland, part of northern Bavaria, Germany.[1][2]


Museum railway in the Wiesent valley

The society's aims are the:

  • Setting up, operation and preservation of a museum railway on the former federal railway line from Ebermannstadt to Behringersmühle in the Wiesent valley.
  • Acquisition and preservation of historic railway vehicles, especially those connected with the Ebermannstadt–Behringersmühle branch line.
  • Organisation of presentations, tours, trips and exhibitions.


Since 1980 the society has also had a concession to run a railway and is an authorised railway service and railway infrastructure operator. The Franconian Switzerland Steam Railway is the oldest museum railway in Franconia, the northern region of Bavaria.

Between 1 May and 31 October the museum railway runs scheduled trains on Sundays. For the operation of the museum the DFS has a fleet comprising three steam locomotives, an accumulator railcar, four diesel locomotives and a diesel railbus as well as a number of historic passenger coaches.

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