Damtjern (Ringerike)

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Location Krokskogen, Ringerike, Norway

Damtjern is a small lake which lies in Krokskogen, Ringerike, in the county of Buskerud Norway.

Damtjern is a setting-off point for walking in the area, both in summer and winter. There is a road up to Damtjern from Stubbdal, Stubbdal a village situated at the head of Åsa in Ringerike municipality. Between Stubbdal and Damtjern there are also tracks to the old Conveyor in Asa (Kjerraten i Åsa). At the Conveyor Museum (Kjerratmuseet) it is possible to study how the Swedish engineer Samuel Bagge (1774-1814) made it possible for Peder Anker of Bogstad to move timber to Damtjern from Steinsfjorden, before floating it down to the Sørkedalselva river in Sørkedalen.[1][2][3]

Conveyor in Asa


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Coordinates: 60°07′36″N 10°24′54″E / 60.12667°N 10.41500°E / 60.12667; 10.41500