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Location of Damwâld
Country Netherlands Netherlands
Province Friesland Friesland
 • Total c. 5,600

Damwâld (Dutch: Damwoude) is a village in the Dantumadiel municipality of Friesland, in the Netherlands and has around 5600 citizens (2014). This number of citizens makes Damwâld the largest village in the municipality of Dantumadiel.


Before 1971, this village was three villages, Dantumawoude, Akkerwoude and Murmerwoude. Before 1881, the city hall of Dantumadeel was in the village of Rinsumageest. After 1881, the town hall moved to Murmerwoude. Another village in Dantumadeel, Zwaagwesteinde, claimed the town hall, because it had the largest population. To eventually solve this problem, the local government fused the three small towns into one, so it would have the largest population. The first letter of each smaller village made up the first three letters of the new name.


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Coordinates: 53°17′N 6°00′E / 53.283°N 6.000°E / 53.283; 6.000