Damxung Railway Station

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Coordinates: 30°27′36″N 91°04′48″E / 30.46000°N 91.08000°E / 30.46000; 91.08000

Damxung railway station

Dangxiong Railway Station, or Damxung Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 当雄站; traditional Chinese: 當雄站; pinyin: dāng xióng zhàn) is a railway station in Damxung County, Lhasa, Tibet.


Two passenger trains in each direction stop at the station every day.

Train No. Arrive Depart Stops
K917 19:44 19:46 2 min LanzhouLhasa
K918 13:59 14:10 11 min LhasaLanzhou
K9801 19:44 19:46 2 min XiningLhasa
K9802 13:59 14:10 2 min LhasaXining

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