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Dan Barreiro
Born Gary, Indiana
Nationality American
Occupation sports radio talk-show host on KFAN 100.3-FM

Dan Barreiro is a sports radio talk-show host on KFAN 100.3-FM in the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Born in Gary, Indiana, Barreiro was a sports columnist at the Star Tribune for 17 years after previously working for the Dallas Morning News Barreiro left the Star Tribune in March 2004.[1]

Bumper to Bumper[edit]

Other on-air personalities during the show include devoted Iowa Hawkeyes fan Justin Gaard,[2] and producer Joe Nelson. Barreiro began his career at KFAN in 1992 partnered on-air with Chad Hartman, who is the son of longtime Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman.[3] The duo was selected as the "Best Sports Talk Radio Hosts" in 2000 by local weekly City Pages.[4] In 2001, the pair broke up, with Hartman hosting the show leading into Barreiro's.[5] Hartman was let go due to Clear Channel budget cuts in 2009. On his own, Barreiro earned the title "Best Sports Talk Radio Host" from City Pages in 2005[6] and 2006.[7]

In 2005, Barreiro also began airing a show called Sunday Sermons that airs Sunday mornings with Iowa Hawkeyes fan Justin Gaard.[8]

Barreiro has worked politics into his show, When he does talk sports, there's a possibility you'll hear him rant. He also is bald from his head to his toes.

On November 8, 2007, rumors were surfacing in local Twin Cities newspapers regarding a potential move down the dial for Barreiro to AM 1500 KSTP. However, Barreiro had been in contract talks with Clear Channel regarding a long term extension at KFAN, and he did acknowledge the situation by stating "We're letting the process play out, I'll just leave it at that."[9] Barrerio's lucrative offer from KSTP was finally matched by Clear Channel on November 28, and Dan will be staying with KFAN for the long term.[10]

The Sunday Sermons program ended April 6, 2008; the following Saturday, April 12, Barreiro began a new two-hour Saturday morning show (10 a.m. to noon) on KTLK-FM 100.3. Barreiro's new show is "almost exclusively non-sports," and is similar to the past Sunday morning show.[11] Barreiro remains on KFAN weekday afternoons.

After a brief run on KLTK Barreiro returned to Sunday Sermons in 2010. He is no longer on KLTK unless it is as a fill in for one of their regulars.

More on Carl Gerbschmidt[edit]

Carl Gerbschmidt is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan who lives in Elk Mound, Wisconsin. He is notable for often guesting on the Bumper to Bumper show with Dan Barreiro which airs on Minnesota's KFAN 100.3 FM radio station.

He was introduced on KFAN in August 2001 under the guise that a tornado had blown over his property and left the remains of a damaged building situated in a manner that looked like the goal line formation of the famous 1967 Ice Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. Gerbschmidt was reportedly born as Starr crossed the goal line.

He normally discusses professional football on the show, especially the Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Gerbschmidt started a blog which can be read on Barreiro's page on KFAN's website but it has not been updated since 2010. An Eau Claire, Wisconsin newspaper contained an article with Gerbschmidt as its featured subject and questioned his very existence. Gerbschmidt used to run an Ice Bowl exhibit and a Packers wax museum at his house in Elk Mound. Gerbschmidt is married to Mrs. Gerbschmidt, who works in biophysics. The Gerbschmidt's also have a daughter who played strong safety and punter. Gerbschmidt's hobbies include drinking beer, clog dancing, and Star Trek. Gerbschmidt moved to the Milwaukee suburb of Oconomowoc where he works for the Wisconsin DOT. He recently purchased Brett Favre's truck on EBay, and out-bidded himself while doing so. However, after Brett Favre signed with the Vikings on August 18, 2009, Gerbschmidt claimed that he lit the truck on fire. Gerbschmidt lived in West Baraboo until 2012, but moved home to Elk Mound when he was promoted to supervisor by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

That was part of a memorable rant with Barreiro on the day Favre signed with the Vikings in which Barreiro allegedly called Gerbschmidt, who was at a bar in Chippewa Falls with his brother Randy after leaving work early the morning that the Favre news broke. Admittedly drunk, Gerbschmidt spent nearly 10 minutes fuming, and at times nearly crying, over Favre's signing, saying he was sad "for the children of Wisconsin who worshipped him", and saying Favre "best watch himself" when he comes back to Wisconsin.

The voice of Carl Gerbschmidt has not been confirmed, in fact Barreiro has never admitted he is fictional. Barreiro has mentioned on his show that he has frequently heard from listeners who believe ESPN football analyst Kevin Seifert, a frequent guest on the show, provides the voice of Gerbschmidt. Barreiro and Seifert attempted to put that rumor to rest by having Seiftert in studio talking to Gerbschmidt while he called in on the phone. According to Paul Lambert(Meatsauce)at the 2015 Minnesota State fair, Carl Gerbscmidt is voiced by Chad Abbott.


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