Dan Briggs (musician)

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Dan Briggs
Between the Buried and Me @ Euroblast 2015 13.jpg
Dan Briggs with BTBAM in 2015
Background information
Born September 27, 1984 (1984-09-27) (age 32)
Genres Progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz fusion, metalcore, death metal, technical death metal, deathcore, thrash metal, experimental rock
Instruments Bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Associated acts Between the Buried and Me, Orbs, Trioscapes, Nova Collective

Daniel Hanford Briggs (born September 27, 1985) is a musician from Erie, Pennsylvania, best known for playing bass guitar for the American progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me.[1]

In addition to his bass duties with Between the Buried and Me, he also plays bass for jazz fusion band Trioscapes and progressive rock band Nova Collective as well as both guitar and bass in the band Orbs. He is a vegan[2] and straight edge.[3]

Dan uses Spector NS-5XL basses with D'Addario EXL160-5 nickel wound strings, a Fender-reissued Sunn 300T amp and an Ampeg SVT-810E.[4] Dan states that he chose a Spector bass over other basses because he got it at the age of 16 and it was the "nicest bass in my price range." The Spector Bass has stock EMGs and is tuned in G# Standard. Regarding guitar playing, Briggs has stated, "I never use the pick as I learned with my fingers."


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