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Dan Dominguez is a US pilot who on December 13, 2000 became one of the two youngest pilots in history to fly around the world together with Christopher Wall, both natives of El Paso, Texas.[1] The previous record was set in 1924 on the Douglas World Cruisers.

Aircraft N2782B was a 1957 Twin Commander model 560E serial number 559. It was purchased in Oklahoma and restored by volunteers in Rochester New York and in Austin by Chris Wall and John Bergeson . The aircraft was named "Dreamcatcher" by a teacher from Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas.

Both Dan was Chris Wall, a FAA certified A&P mechanic with a SEL private pilot's license became the youngest pilots to circumnavigate the world in 2000 but have never been officially recognized by the FAI due to time of the Jessica Dubroff accident.

The flight was coined "World Flight 2000" and was a grass roots organization run by students of Rice University and the University of Rochester New York. A book, "Dreamcather: Tales from a Flight Around the World" was published in 2001.[2]

Since 2000, both Barrington Irving (26) of Miami, Florida and Carlo Schmid (22) of Switzerland have completed solo circumnavigations around the world in newer aircraft. In September 2012 Carlo, at age 22 years and 9 months became the youngest solo pilot to fly around the world in a turbine Cessna 210.

In 2013 two EAA members will attempt to fly around the world and set the youngest solo pilot world record.[3]

As of June 2013, Jack Wiegland of California is currently on track to set a new world record at age 19 in a Turbo Mooney.[4]