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Dan Gheesling
Born Daniel Robert Gheesling
(1983-09-01) September 1, 1983 (age 32)
Dearborn, MI
Residence West Bloomfield, Michigan
Television Big Brother 10 (Winner)
Big Brother 14 (Runner-Up)
Spouse(s) Chelsea Gheesling
(m. 2011–present)

Dan Gheesling (born September 1, 1983) is a former American reality television contestant who appeared on the Big Brother 10 which he won. He was also the runner-up of Big Brother 14.

Personal life[edit]

Gheesling was a Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, Michigan.[1] He graduated from Divine Child High School and Michigan State University. Dan taught health at Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory School and is the assistant coach of the school's football team.[2] On July 2, 2011, Gheesling married Chelsea Niemiec in Orchard Lake, Michigan. [3]

Big Brother[edit]

Big Brother 10[edit]

Gheesling had close friendships with Brian, Libra, Memphis, Keesha, Steven, Angie and Renny. Gheesling and his closest friend in the house, Memphis, formed an alliance and named it "The Renegades". Gheesling was nominated along with his friend Steven by HOH Jessie in Week 2 and survived the eviction. He was voted by viewers for America's Player (for Week 4 only). He accepted the offer. Dan's tasks were to get Jessie nominated, hug Jessie for ten seconds, and vote for Jessie in the eviction ceremony. Gheesling succeeded in all three and earned $30,000. Dan had also been the victim of constant attacks from Jerry, with Jerry repeatedly referring to Dan as a 'Judas' and accusing him of "hiding behind his cross." Jerry even stated at the veto meeting that he wanted Dan on the block because he believed he is a "Judas," to which Dan simply replied, "I understand." Jerry didn't use the veto that week. In Week 6, Dan won the PoV but chose not to use it. Dan also won HoH for Week 7. After turning on a deal made with Ollie, Dan nominated Michelle as a replacement when Memphis saved himself. This was followed by Ollie thrashing items in the house and directing homophobic slurs towards both Dan and Memphis. Dan also won the POV during the live double-eviction episode, choosing not to use it. When Jerry subsequently became HoH, Dan was nominated alongside Keesha. In Week 9, Dan won Head of Household, making him the third person to win HoH twice. He also won the Luxury competition in the same week and could take another houseguest or a jury member with him; Dan chose to take Michelle, hoping to bond with her and secure her vote. Afterward, Dan won the final Head of Household, becoming the first person in season 10 to win the position three times. He chose to take his alliance member and closest friend Memphis to the finale. At the finale, Dan won Big Brother 10. He's the first and only person in Big Brother history to win by a 7-0 unanimous vote.

Big Brother 14[edit]

Dan returned to play the game a second time for "Big Brother 14" as a coach or "mentor," playing for his own separate prize ($100,000) along with three other returning houseguests. After the first four houseguests left the game in season 14, the coaches were offered the chance by America to re-enter the game as main players and houseguests. Dan was one of three coaches, along with Britney and Janelle, who accepted the offer to become a player in Big Brother 14. Mike "Boogie" Malin chose not to become a player, but was compelled to do so when production dictated that if any one of the coaches chose to enter the game as a player, every one of them must. Thus, the coaches joined in the competition with the new house guests for the main $500,000 prize. Dan outlasted the entire house once again, becoming the first person to be in the final two twice, the first winner from a previous season to be in the final two, as well as the first person to play twice and receive no eviction votes against them in both seasons. He also holds the record to play the game twice and only exit on finale night. However, he ultimately lost in a 6-1 vote to Ian Terry, becoming the runner-up of Big Brother 14. After Big Brother, Dan wrote four books.


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