Dan Hirschhorn

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Dan Hirschhorn
Born Philadelphia
Education Brandeis University
Occupation Journalist
Notable credit(s) The Bulletin

Dan Hirschhorn is a national political journalist based in New York City where he currently serves as Director of News at Time, Inc. and Time.com.[1] He was previously Senior Editor for News [2] and Continuous News Editor at Time.com.[3] He was previously a contributing political reporter for The Wall Street Journal.[4] Prior to this position he worked for The Daily before it was shut down,[5] and before that, for Politico in Washington D.C. At Politico he was the Deputy 2012 Editor, as well as a reporter.

He attended Brandeis University.[6] While at Brandeis, Dan Hirschhorn was editor in chief of the Brandeis independent student newspaper the Justice.[7] Following graduation, he worked as a journalist for The Bulletin in Philadelphia.[6] During his tenure at The Bulletin, Dan Hirschhorn won an award for enterprise reporting from the Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors for a series of pieces concerning the Philadelphia Family Court.[8] He was the "Philly-based half" of PolitickerPA, a political news Web site operated by The New York Observer media company.[9]

After the PolitickerPA Web site was folded into the national Politicker Network, Hirschhorn founded pa2010.com, a political news Web site dedicated to the 2010 election cycle in Pennsylvania.[9] News items first appearing on pa2010.com have appeared in other media, including stories about Arlen Specter returning $100,000 in campaign contributions from Republicans after he changed parties,[10] that Jack Wagner would run for Pennsylvania governor,[11] and that Joe Hoeffel was "mulling" a run for Governor.[12]

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