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Dan Iosif (14 October 1950 – 5 December 2007[1]) was a Romanian politician who was a leading figure in the 1989 Romanian revolution, leading protests in Bucharest in the final days of Nicolae Ceauşescu's 25-year rule.

Iosif was born in Bucharest. In 1969 he graduated from 'Şcoala de maiştri militari', a military school in Sibiu, Romania.

Iosif was a presidential adviser and faithful political adept of Ion Iliescu, permanently being a member of Iliescu's party (FSN, FDSN, PDSR and PSD). He served as a senator for multiple terms, and during his final days he was a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.[2] A controversial figure, in 2006 he was heard in connection to the 1990 Mineriad, being investigated under suspicion of crimes against humanity and undermining state power, along with some twenty others.[3]

Iosif died of lung cancer in a clinic in Novosibirsk, Russia, where he had been undergoing treatment since November 2007.


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