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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson.jpg
Background information
Genres Christian rock, heavy metal, hard rock
Instruments Drums
Years active 1998-present
Associated acts Love and Death, Brian Welch, Red, The Sammus Theory, Back From Ashes, Mo Nasty, UO4, Flaw (band)

Dan Johnson is an American drummer for Korn guitarist Brian Welch[1] and Love and Death, is the touring percussionist for Red and was the drummer for rock metal band Back from Ashes[2] and hard rock band The Sammus Theory.[3]


Dan Johnson performing with Nate Gullickson of Throw Logic and Phoenix rock metal band Back From Ashes at Mayhem Festival 2011 in Arizona
Dan Johnson performing with American rock band Red

UO4, Mo Nasty and The Sammus Theory[edit]

Having grown up in Pennsylvania,[4] Johnson played drums in the band UO4[5] throughout his high school career.[6] After starting his adulthood in Phoenix, his drumming career in Arizona began with local band Mo Nasty,[7] after which time he moved on to The Sammus Theory.[3][8]

Brian "Head" Welch[edit]

In 2009, Brian "Head" Welch, the former guitarist for Korn asked Johnson along with Michael Valentine (bass), Scott Von Heldt (guitar), Ralph Patlan (guitar), and Brian Ruedy(keyboards, programming) to join his up-and-coming musical ensemble.[9]

Back from Ashes[edit]

In 2011, following Pete Hawley's departure from Back from Ashes, the band recruited Johnson to play for the ensemble.[2][10] In February 2012, Back from Ashes hired Bobby Anderson to play percussion on a long-term basis for the band.[11]

Love and Death[edit]

In 2012, it was revealed that Johnson had formed the band Love and Death with Welch and Valentine.[12]


In 2014, Joe Rickard, the drummer for the Christian metal band Red,[13][14] left the group, to join Manafest as a touring drummer[15] so Johnson filled in for him on tours[16][17][18] and performed percussion on Of Beauty and Rage, the fifth studio album from the ensemble.[19][20]

Seasons After[edit]

In late 2015, Johnson performed in multiple shows with American rock band Seasons After.[21]


In 2016 and 2017, Johnson performed in multiple shows with American nu-metal band Flaw.[22]


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