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Dan Kogai (小飼弾, Kogai Dan, 1969 -) is a Japanese open-source developer and alpha blogger, known for his blog 404 Blog Not Found (ranked #5 in Japan[1]). He is also the former CTO of Livedoor.[2]


Kogai went to middle school, but he had problems with formal education and skipped classes.[3] Immediately after he graduated from middle school at the age of 16 he passed the high-school equivalence exam, and up until age 18 he spent his time teaching senior students as a tutor and cram school teacher.[4] He then entered the University of California, Berkeley.

During his fourth year at university, his family's home burnt down, and he left school.[5] He made a living with the computer skills he had learnt at university, and at age 29 was headhunted by Takafumi Horie to join Livin' On the Edge (now Livedoor).[5]



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