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Dan Laustsen (born 1954) is a Danish cinematographer who was born on June 15, 1954 in Aalborg.[1] He graduated from the Danish National Film School in 1979, and is a member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers.[2] His career spans four decades and he has been nominated and won many prestigious awards, chiefly the Robert Awards. Laustsen is best known for his work on the films Silent Hill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Crimson Peak, where the visual side of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was hailed as a "visual treat" in Variety.[3][4] Dan Laustsen has repeatedly collaborated with director Guillermo Del Toro, notably on the films Mimic and Crimson Peak.

Personal life[edit]

Dan Laustsen was born on June 15, 1954 in Aalborg, Denmark, to his parents Aage Aarup Laustsen and Ellen Laustsen. He studied at the National Film School of Denmark from 1976 to 1979, to pursue a career of cinematography. Laustsen has been involved in the production of feature films, documentaries, and advertisements, and is a member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Title Result
1982 Bodil Awards Cinematography Gummi-Tarzan Won
1984 Robert Award Best Cinematography Isfugle Won
1989 Robert Award Best Cinematography Skyggen af Emma Won
1990 Robert Award Best Cinematography Miraklet i Valby Won
2001 Robert Award Best Cinematography Dykkerne Nominated
2001 Golden Frog I Am Dina Nominated
2003 Robert Award Best Cinematography I Am Dina Won



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