Dan Monti

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Dan Monti
Dan Monti in 2017.
Background information
Birth name Daniel Monti
Also known as Del Rey Brewer
Genres Heavy metal, experimental, alternative metal, progressive rock, alternative rock, art rock
Occupation(s) Musician, record producer, sound engineer
Instruments guitar, bass, synthesizer
Years active 2001–present
Associated acts Buckethead, Serj Tankian
Website http://www.danmonti.com

Dan Monti, also known by his stage name Del Rey Brewer, is a musician, composer, producer and engineer who has worked with such bands as Metallica, Slayer and Guns N' Roses. The bulk of his work, however, has been in conjunction with Buckethead, with whom he has also toured as a bassist.

Musical career[edit]

Monti is a guitarist and bassist, frequently adding bass parts to Buckethead albums.[1] He is also the lead guitarist for the Serj Tankian touring band The Flying Cunts of Chaos. Dan and his band mates were in the studio recording The F.C.C's first album in 2010 and 2011. No word on a release date for the album yet. The band did release their first single called "Daysheet Blues" on iTunes in July 2010. Dan is also the lead vocalist for The F.C.C.

He toured with Buckethead and Bryan Mantia in 2017.

Production career[edit]

Monti has been credited on many albums in his career, the first being Bucketheadland 2 in 2003.[2] He has since gone on to produce most of Buckethead's albums, a few examples being Pepper's Ghost, Decoding The Tomb of Bansheebot, and Cyborg Slunks. He is also credited on many of these albums as the bassist, as well as co-writer and mixer.[2] Monti has also contributed to many high-profile bands' albums, including Serj Tankian's solo albums. He is listed for "additional engineering" or as "assistant engineer" on Guns N' Roses recent album Chinese Democracy,[3] on which Buckethead also featured, as well as being credited for "digital editing" on Metallica's Death Magnetic[4] and Slayer's World Painted Blood.[5]


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